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Our Firm

Architecture and Interior Design Company

Khatri Architect and Interiors is an Interior Design and Interior Fit-Out company in India and UAE that has built up a blue-chip reputation based on reliability, consistency of delivery, and value.  We create exquisitely designed interiors for discriminating clientele by providing complete interior design, fit-out, and joinery services. In the business, Khatri Architect and Interiors is known for designing interiors that are vibrant, clever, hardworking, and full of passion and creativity.


Khatri Architect and Interiors has over twenty years of expertise and has finished several projects. On projects as diverse as business offices, retail stores, supermarkets, hotels, saloons, restaurants, schools, healthcare facilities, and residential developments in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ajman, Muscat, and Mumbai, we serve as the Main Contractor or Specialist Subcontractor. In the United Arab Emirates, India, Oman, and Saudi Arabia, we have extensive experience in the planning, designing, and executing of various interior design and interior fit-out projects. Our team of interior designers and project managers is dedicated to delivering your project with complete satisfaction, whether you are renovating your home or business. We offer a one-stop shop for interior consultancy, full interior design services, construction, interior fit-out, customized joinery, furniture and decor.

Our Approach 

We have developed a straightforward explanation of our procedure to help clients understand everything we do because the world is already complicated enough. The best part is that you may select only the features you require from our modular offering.


We'll evaluate the area you want to change and show you all of the amazing things you can do with it. To provide you with the best resources and guidance, as your partner, we'll take the time to comprehend the particular requirements of your project.


Are you creating a new place entirely or altering an already existing one? We will organize, create, estimate, and establish deadlines for your idea. We can help you from conception to finish.


You can trust us with your assignment. Every minute element, such as onsite installations, construction, and logistics, will be overseen by our project managers. In summary, our staff functions as an extension of yours, assisting you in staying on schedule and within your means.


We remain available to you long after your project is finished. To ensure your piece of mind, we offer warranties, aftercare services, and post-contract assistance.

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